Customer Food Network Enrolment Form

(An empowering project for all)

A recently snapped white background passport Image is required

Driver’s Licence/ Int’l passport/ National ID card/ Voter’s Card

* Utility bill e.g. PHCN, Lawma, Water, Land Use, etc.

• The minimum amount for a subscriber is N10, 000 and per a subscriber.
• The amount subscribed is not refundable.
• 30% dividend on profit making given in form of food items to applicant on per transaction every four months.
• 10% of profits generated to referral on total value of subscribers amounts on per transaction every four months.
• The food networking is on a twenty year duration (subjected to review) and which lapse.
• On event of loss as a result of business poor performance or unforeseen contingency, no dividend is declared.
• Any external condition warranting the winding up of the business cease the agreement.

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